Healthy Summer Hair

Summer is approaching and that means changes in your hair-care routine.

The weather is getting warmer and although we’re all feeling the warmth on our skin, the one thing that’s really feeling the heat the most is our hair.  Sun rays can be just damaging, if not more, on our hair than winter’s dryness and static. Here are three major tips to combat damage and get results that last for your ultimate healthy hair goals.

1.Hair Masks

Blond woman applying hair conditioner. Isolated on white.

I know we’ve said it before, but we’re saying it again. Hair masks are beneficial in any season as our hair needs the extra nourishment as the weather shifts its course. Hair masks come in all different formulas, so if you already have a favourite for the colder seasons, you may have to switch it up. Finding the right formula for the summer season will play a major role in ensuring that your hair is getting the nutrients it’s needing. For example, an avocado, honey and olive oil mask would work perfect for summer as fatty acids in avocados, and humectant from honey help to strengthen and moisturize those strands.

2.Cover Up!

Whether it’s a hat, scarf, ballcap, you name it- whatever it is you like to use to cover your head on hot days will work. Wearing coverage on your head not only provides a little shade from your eyes, but also protects your scalp from harmful sun rays. Getting a sunburn on your scalp leads to damaged hair as hair grows from the follicle located on your scalp. As the summer winds breeze on by, it can also create small tangles that will eventually lead to split and damaged ends.

3.Say “NO” to Hot Tools

We know this may sound obvious, but hot tools can do some serious damage to your hair, especially with frequent use. Beachy summer vibes can be accomplished in many other ways other than by using a flat iron or curling wand. Braid your hair before bed, or if you can’t, have a friend braid them. By morning, you will have beautiful natural looking waves/curls. Summer is all about rocking natural hair anyways, so what better excuse to put a pause on the hot tool usage.

These three tips are small changes to your summer hair regimen that will make a world of a difference. There are various factors that can play a major role in the overall health of your hair, but the changing season can be the biggest. This year, give your hair some extra summer love.