1,110 meals later …

thumb_IMG_0483_1024  On Wednesday, September 2, 2015 TSPA Fargo staff and students spent 2 hours at the Great Plains Food Bank volunteering.  All funds raised in September by TSPA Fargo for the #TrimHunger campaign will be donated to Great Plains.

When we arrived we met Caroline.  She gave us a tour and explained to us how each area of the food bank works.  We were then directed back to the volunteer packing area.  We (hesitantly) put on our hair nets …. and gloves to ensure safe food packaging.

Over the next two hours we scooped, bagged, measured, labeled, and boxed A LOT of popcorn.  Caroline was so great and very helpful!  When we were finished with our time she gave us the following statistics.

In two hours we packed …

  • 37 cases of popcorn at 36 pounds each
  • for a grand total of 1,332 pounds
  • the food bank calculates one meal to be 1.2 pounds of food
  • which equates to 1,110 meals
  • at 3 meals per day we would have fed a family of 4 for 92 days

What?!??? How is it possible that two hours of hanging with awesome coworkers packing popcorn could equate to 1,110 meals?  It is safe to say that we had an incredible experience and we will be back at least once this month to volunteer again.

Thank you Great Plains Food Bank for all that you do!  We look forward to working with you for years to come!