What’s Happening

What’s happening at TSPA? As part of our culture, TSPA makes it a point to celebrate achievements, milestones , and “wins” with our students, staff, and guests.  With the beauty industry being focused on service, we educate and encourage all to be good stewards of their fellow students, guests, and community.  Take a look through our recent events and see how TSPA celebrates the lives of our students and all those we touch.

TSPA Fargo Students Compete For a Spot In “The Gift” Style Show

Fashion Avenue 2017 Style Show a Huge Success! Each year a local nonprofit organization called The Christmas Gift donates funds to families and individuals in need. A large percentage of their funds are raised through the Fashion Avenue Style Show which draws a large crowd kind enough to donate a $650 – $850 per table.… Continue reading

Massage Therapy, More Than Relaxing

Long-Term benefits of Massage A soothing massage can help you unwind, but that’s not all. Its possible long-term health benefits may surprise you. So what kinds of benefits can you expect from regular, long-term, therapeutic massage sessions? The following are some long-term benefits you can expect from therapeutic massage therapy: increased flexibility, surgical and injury… Continue reading

Cinderella Extensions Now Available at TSPA Fargo!

Cinderella Extensions Now Available at TSPA Fargo! Hair extensions have become so popular and affordable today that almost everyone tries them at some point. With hair extensions, if done professionally and with utmost attention to details, your hair will look vibrant and true. So, lets go over 3 of more important benefits of hair extensions. Flaunt That… Continue reading