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 Alumni Scholarship

Fargo, North Dakota



The Salon Professional Academy, Fargo, ND is proud to announce the availability of an Alumni Scholarship exclusively for all graduates of our Cosmetology, Esthetics, Nail Technology and Massage Therapy Programs.  The TSPA Team takes great care to produce confident and knowledgeable graduates from each of these programs and find that often there is a desire by the graduate to complete a second, and career complimentary, program.  For this reason, we invite all alumni and students who are approaching graduation to re-enroll with the benefit of a 20% discount on tuition only to gain the credential of a second program.

Specifics of the application process:

  1. Alumni and approaching graduates from the Cosmetology, Esthetics, Nail Technology or Massage Therapy program are asked to schedule an appointment with an Admissions Representative to discuss program availability to enroll at a starting point AFTER completion of their first program.
  2. The potential Alumni Scholarship recipient will write a letter of interest/intent of at least 100 words on the topic of why they feel that obtaining a degree is the second program is important to their future and overall career success.  The letter, as well as prior program attendance and grades, will be reviewed by administrative operations of The Academy and, if accepted, an official letter of response will be issued to the student within 30 days of receipt the letter.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that identifying information is legible and clear on the application letter.
  3. As an alumni the returning student will not be required to pay a registration fee as this fee was charged in the first enrollment process.
  4. Once accepted to participate in the Alumni Scholarship the student will be provided the opportunity to complete the official enrollment process with tuition calculated at a 20% discount of the current tuition rate.  The discount does not apply to fees or kit/books and the student will be expected to have the financial resources either through cash, scholarship or financial aid eligibility to pay for the subsequent costs of the new program.  The 20% discount will be applied in equal increments through the program hours/weeks and will not be paid in cash to the student at any time – the reduction in cost has no cash value to the student including upon the event of termination or withdrawal from The Academy.
  5. Graduates of a second program at The Academy will have no other financial benefits or special considerations as any other enrollment or a student and will progress and attend and be evaluated as any other first-time student.